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Tan Lines strives to provide its customers with the cleanest environment, the best customer service possible, and the most modern, up-to-date tanning equipment that will guarantee the customer the best possible tan for their money. Our staff will educate customers about the use of tanning lotions and after-tanning body care products so that they can obtain and keep a tan for as long as possible.

Did you know that indoor tanning has benefits beyond making you look and feel great? Many of the benefits of controlled UVB exposure can improve how you feel, and your overall health!

We encourage our clients to be educated on the practice of smart tanning and the benefits of regulated exposure to UV light in our tanning units. Benefits linked directly to smart tanning unit use are:

• excellent source of Vitamin D;

• light therapy for seasonal depression;

• helps with multiple skin ailments, including acne, psoriasis, eczema;

• creates a base tan as a barrier against intense UV rays from the sun

The Silent Epidemic

There is mounting evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is becoming an epidemic in North American society. Reality is, many of us work indoors in our modern world, and being as we are situated so far from the equator, the number of months where we can get significant UVB exposure from sunlight outdoors is limited. The benefits of indoor tanning, beyond the obvious cosmetic ones, are helping to solve this problem in our sun-lacking world!

Tanning is D-Lightful

Indoor tanning exposes the skin to two different types of radiation: UVA and UVB. UVB exposure induces the production of vitamin D in the skin. It has been estimated that tens of thousands of premature deaths occur in North America annually from a range of cancers due to vitamin D deficiency. Another effect of vitamin D deficiency is bad absorption of calcium which can lead to bone diseases. Since we can't possibly get enough UVB exposure through sunlight, or vitamin D through food consumption, indoor tanning is the best way to stay healthy and looking great year-round!

Safety First

The most important things to remember to keep your indoor tanning experience a safe one, are how long you tan for, how frequently, what lotions to use before and after tanning, and what type of protective eyewear you should use. All of our beds are rated to a maximum tanning time, and our staff will ensure that you start off slowly depending on your skin type. We can provide you with advice on which lotions and creams are best for your skin type and tanning goals. In addition, wearing goggles is mandatory in our salon.

Please take the time to visit for more information

A letter to our loyal clients!

Dear Clients,

We first opened our doors in 1995 in a small 4-bed salon in Airdrie! A 30-minute 26 lamp Wolff tanning bed was cutting edge technology back then.

Since then, we have continually upgraded our store design and equipment to provide you, the customer, with the most technologically advanced products on the market. All the tanning bulbs are changed by 75% of their projected life.

Our salon offers 3 levels of tanning. We are committed to excellence and are focused on providing you with the most rewarding and comfortable tanning experience possible.

We have also listened to your needs. In addition to the newest equipment and the freshest bulbs, we provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Our store is open seven days a week and offer the best of today's indoor tanning as well as chemical peels and microderm treatments for keeping your skin healthy and glowing!

We are also the undefeated for being voted Airdrie's Best Place to Tan!

Tan Lines is the only place you'll want to catch some rays & relax! We are dedicated to providing the latest advances in tanning technology.


Tan Lines

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